Why provide all this intervention? Isn’t a child’s life ruined after sexual abuse?
No. With a supportive response, protection and treatment, a child can recover both physically and emotionally.

What would happen if Children’s Advocacy Center did not exist?
Children would once again be revictimized by a fragmented system actually created to protect them. Such a system would require multiple interviews in several locations.

How much does it cost to receive services at the Children’s Advocacy Center?
All services including Forensic Interviews, Counseling, Support Groups and Medical Examinations are free of charge!

How is the Children’s Advocacy Center funded?
The Children’s Advocacy Center is a private, 501­c3 non­profit agency funded through a variety of public and private support. This includes funding from United Way, private donations, contracts and grants.
NOTE: All services at the Children’s Advocacy Center are provided at no cost to the victim or their supportive family members.

Is there any financial support from the State or County?
Yes. The local government bodies have found various ways to support the Children’s Advocacy Center and its multi­disciplinary team approach. There have been direct donations, contracted agreements, and in­kind support. The Children’s Advocacy Center also receives state and federal funding for victims of crimes.

Is Child Sexual Abuse really a problem?
Studies show that 1 in 10 childre will be a victim of sexual abuse before age 18. Each year the Children’s Advocacy Center of Ottawa County provides services to nearly 700 child victims of sexual abuse and their supportive family members!

Do any other agencies or programs in Ottawa County offer similar services?
No. The Children’s Advocacy Center model is a unique, non­duplicative program that utilizes the expertise of multi­disciplinary team working together to decrease trauma for child victims by streamlining the investigative process all under one roof. Staff members are specially trained to meet the special needs of the child victim including Forensic Interviewing, Specialized Forensic Medical Examinations, Trauma Informed Treatment and Court Preparation and Advocacy.

Is the Children’s Advocacy Center accredited by any national organization?
Yes. The Children’s Advocacy Center is a fully accredited program of the National Children’s Alliance in Washington D.C. In order to maintain accreditation, a Center must comply with 10 standards for membership and pass regular, on site reviews.

Does the Children’s Advocacy Center Model protect innocent people from false allegations?
Yes. The Children’s Advocacy Center Forensic Interviewers are specially trained in the development of alternate hypotheses regarding what could account for what the child said. The Forensic Interview Protocol, strictly adhered by the Children’s Advocacy Center staf , encourages objectivity at all times and the understanding of child development and language on the information provided by a child. All Forensic Interviews are digitally recorded and admitted into evidence.

Is the Center for Holland residents only?
No. the Children’s Advocacy Center provides services for ALL residents of Ottawa County. Demographics regarding usage at the Children’s Advocacy Center reflect victims from each and every community within the county.