Here at the Children’s Advocacy Center we offer a medical evaluation to any child who has allegations or concerns of abuse. These evaluations are designed to be child friendly and offered on­site at no cost to the family. Overseeing each of these evaluations is Dr. Simms, a board certified pediatrician and child abuse specialist.

Purpose of the exam

The main purpose of the medical evaluation is to reassure the child and family that his/her body is okay. Additionally the medical evaluation can assist in the collection of evidence and document trauma if present. The exam is also used to assess for and treat sexually transmitted infections, injuries, and pregnancy.

What should I expect?

The exam will include a medical history from the caregiver as well as from the child. The child will receive a thorough head to toe exam similar to a normal check­up at a Pediatrician’s office. This exam will also include an external inspection of the genitalia and anal area to make sure they appear normal. This evaluation is designed to be minimally invasive and there are no shots or needles.

Will this be traumatic?

No. In fact it should decrease anxiety about any possible medical concerns.

Will this be invasive?

During the entire appointment our trained staff will keep your child’s individual needs in the forefront. Nothing will be done to their body that has not been explained and agreed upon. The doctor uses a colposcope to look at the outside of the child’s genital and anal areas. Nothing is inserted and we don’t even have any needles. When necessary we swab with a wet Q­-tip the outside of the private areas for cultures to test for STDs / STIs.

How long will the appointment last?

Our doctor completes a thorough head to toe exam. The appointment takes up to two hours. Leave other children, who are not scheduled for a check­up, at home if you’re able to. Completing our medical forms prior to your child’s appointment will save time on the day of the appointment.

What should I bring with me?

  • Medical forms your were given to complete at home
  • Medical insurance card
  • Custody paperwork
  • Guardinship paperwork