In order to volunteer at the Children's Advocacy Center, all potential applicants must be 18 years of age or older, fill out an application and pass (2) background checks. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Andrea Torres, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 616-393-6123. The following is our list of the different volunteer positions:

child room waiting room supervision

Assists with providing comfort to anxious and distressed children before/after their interview. When child abuse investigators are meeting with the children's parents, children will be supervised by this volunteer. Activities include reading, art projects, puzzles, etc. 

Facility volunteer

Assists with the facility maintenance and cleaning, yard maintenance, snow removal, etc. This volunteer service can be on-going or on an as needed basis. 

Community volunteer

Any person and/or group that provides service through donations, fund raising, or time spent doing a one-time project. This may include such things as seasonal decorating, planting flower beds, making quilts, making cookies, etc. 

office volunteer

Assists with answering phones, filing, welcoming visitors, directing families to appropriate areas, making copies and packet preparation, This volunteer service is on an as needed basis. 

practicum student

College and High School students who require practicum experience may volunteer at the Center. They will be supervised by the Volunteer Coordinator and offsite school practicum advisers. Students under age 18 must fill out the proper paperwork and have a letter of recommendation from a teacher. ***Students under age 18 will not be able to volunteer at any fundraising event serving alcohol. 

event committee

We currently have (3) main fundraising events annually. Each event has a separate event committee that meets anywhere from 5-7 times before each event. (Usually of a 4-5 month span). By agreeing to this commitment, you will attend all meetings and assist in soliciting donations, sponsorship's, new event attendees, etc.